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Binoculars repair is the last thing on the mind of a user as they purchase their prized tool. Most manufacturers call this thing a rain guard." Think of it as a food guard," because rain won't hurt your binoculars nearly as much as food will. The magnifying power of the binoculars is referred as 7X or 8X which means the object will be magnified 7 or 8 times of its original size.

If there is no shock and your binoculars are supposed to be waterproof, intervention under warranty will be possible. Then lightly spray the lens cloth (never spray the binoculars) with cleaning solution and gently clean the lenses. If your home is equipped with a humidifier, it'll need annual maintenance as well.

Binoculars and Telescopes for Bird-Watchers (PDF): Binoculars have two specifications: magnification and diameter of the object lens. Most of these coin-operated binoculars are placed on a pedestal, and they are normally high powered. There are other numbers birders should consider, however, to find the best binoculars for their birding needs.

If you can't get up on your roof, or don't feel confident walking on a sloping roof, you can probably see everything you need to using binoculars. Further reading about How to clean, restore and maintain old binoculars Click here ! Most binoculars are constructed similarly, so the following instructions should help with your binoculars, but you may find some differences which you will have to make allowance for.

Besides cleaning, there are some vital maintenance tips for binoculars which you need to know. If possible try to use the binoculars outdoors, rather than under the artificial lights of the store. Waterproof binoculars don't just guard against rain and wet — they also ensure that dust, sand and other dry particles can't find their way into the binocular — which can be just as important.

Recommendation: make sure the binoculars you buy are robust enough to stand up to the rigours of extended field use. Small compact binoculars have more challenges with eye relief than most others. Most of the top quality bird watching and wildlife binoculars on the market today are roof prism models.

As a start I would highly recommend you read the two links found in the Useful Resources section at the bottom of this page, as these give some general hints and tips for Cleaning Binocular Eyepieces, and will make you aware of the importance of a delicate touch and avoidance of rubbing eyepiece lenses when dust and dirt may already be on them, as that is the surest way of creating fine scratches in the glass.

Every pair of binoculars has two numbers printed somewhere on the instrument (usually on the face of the focus wheel, but sometimes on the body of the binocular) — for example 10×42 (pronounced ten by forty two) or 8×32. Binoculars and Bird-Watching (PDF): Watching carefully and listening are important for finding birds.

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